Hunter in the Dark Novel Study

Hunter in the Dark by Monica Hughes is a dramatic novel about coping with the diagnosis of leukemia and the possibility of death. The story is about Mike Rankin as he goes on a solitary hunting trip in the Swan Hills of Alberta. He tries to escape from reality but meets it face to face.

We did all kinds of neat things through our study of this novel. We have used this website as a way to share some of our understandings and our thinking around the issues in the novel with others. We hope you enjoy the site.

We had the opportunity to take on the role of one of the main characters in the novel. We wrote journals enters as if we were the character. You can find out what we were thinking through the eyes of a character by visiting our Character Journals link

As we read the novel, we created character webs using an Inspiration program. We found this to be a particularly useful program for tracking the traits of the characters. To find our more about the characters in the novel, visit our Character Webs link.

We also had lots of fun as we illustrated different aspects of the novel in our attempts to create an animated plot. As you explore our illustrations found by visiting our Animated Plot link, you will be able to get an understanding of the main events of the novel. 

In reading the novel, we encounter some words that we either found difficult, or that we felt junior high students may have difficulty with. We kept track of these words and created an online dictionary. We hope as others read the novel, they can visit our Online Dictionary link when they encounter words they don't understand.

We created online quizzes about various aspects of the novel. We have shared these with you here as a fun way for students to wrap-up their novel study about Hunter in the Dark.  Teachers may also want to visit our Quizzes link and have their students try some of our quizzes as part of their classes novel study.

It is always interesting to learn more about the author of the novel. This can sometimes shed light into the writing of the novel. We researched the life of Monica Hughes, the author of this novel. We have shared our research through slideshows which can be viewed through our Slideshow of Novel's Author link.

We had lots to say after reading this novel, so we wrote our own reviews of the novel. These reviews give our opinions about what we thought of the novel. You can view them through our Book Review link

Enjoy exploring our site!

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