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“My purpose in joining Allied Youth is to increase my awareness of the issues facing youth today, and as a result, try to the best of my ability to improve myself and the community in which I live.”

About A.Y.

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At A Glance

Allied Youth (A.Y.) is a non-profit organization for youth in grades seven through twelve throughout Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.


A.Y. members belong to clubs (known as posts). Each post has an adult advisor and a youth executive, consisting of a Post President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The youth executive is responsible for passing on information about provincial and international events. They are also responsible for planning post events and activities.


Provincial A.Y. is headed by an elected Youth Board, which plans the Leadership Camp, the Kick-Off Rally, the Sweetheart Rally, and the Provincial Conference. This board also coordinates the provincial fundraiser and promotional activities.


International Allied Youth serves as a connection between the two
A.Y. regions. A Board of Trustees resides over all International affairs, and all events are organized by a group of elected youth called the International Cabinet. The Cabinet plans an annual conference in November which is held throughout Atlantic Canada.



Three Points of Allied Youth

Members follow a basic three-point system of values. They complete post projects and activities that follow these points, and therefore gain a sense of accomplishment knowing that they have improved the lives of their peers, made their communities better, and have made a positive step in their lives as youth.


Community Involvement

In this point, members may do such things as visit a seniors home, raise money for a charity, or help out at a soup kitchen. Basically, all community-based work falls under this point.


Leadership Development

This point covers the training members receive at Leadership Camp, or the leadership skills that they acquire during a leadership role at their post or in any other part of A.Y. The public speaking contest also falls under this point.


Healthy Lifestyles

Allied Youth is a proud innovator in teaching youth the positive benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Sessions and testimonials are frequently held at rallies and conferences to inform members about the risks of drug and alcohol use.



Why join Allied Youth?

Just ask any Allied Youth member past and present, we're sure they will tell you that it is an amazing program which truly impacts your life in many different ways. From learning to speak in front of a group, planning dances or conferences, to just simply having fun meeting new and interesting people from across North America - Allied Youth makes you better and you have a GREAT time taking part in all the fun!


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