We are the has-beens of Allied Youth. We're too old to participate in rallies and conferences as delegates and some of us can't volunteer our time because we live so far away. So what CAN we do?


For starters, we’ve created an Allied Youth Alumni Facebook group to assemble an up-to-date contact list. If you’d like to be added to it, please forward your email, mailing address, and phone number to


We can take part in rallies and events when it's geographically possible.


If we are over the age of 21, we can offer our services as Advisors because we have so much youth interest and too few adult supervisors.


We can attend Alumni activities and show our support by offering help at fundraisers.


We can add to this list as we think of new and creative ideas for Alumni to get involved!

Allied Youth

Prince Edward Island

Alumni members at the 75th International Conference in Halifax, NS.

Prince Edward Island Allied Youth Inc.

Phone: 902-368-6623

Fax: 902-620-3187



We are looking for interested Alumni members to sit on the Executive for a one year term.  The following positions are available:

· President

· Vice-President

· Secretary

· Treasurer

· Public Relations


If you or someone you know is interested in applying for one of the positions, please contact the provincial office at