The Information Process
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    Gathering Information Stage (by the end of Grade 9)

    At this stage students will access appropriate learning resources (print, non-print, information technology, human, community). They locate the actual resource, and find the information within the resource. They may be expected to locate a preselected resource within a learning centre or station, or a website prepared by the teacher. They may need to engage in their own search for learning resources and information.

    They will be expected to use a variety of skills and strategies at this stage:

    • Identify possible sources (people, organizations, places, print, non-print materials, appropriate search engines for Web searches).
    • Identify appropriate search terms (using their questions, sub-topics etc.) A mini-lesson or review of searching strategies, including Boolean terms for Internet searches, may be necessary at this stage.
    • Locate sources and evaluate these using the criteria they developed at the planning stage (relevance, accuracy, currency, authority, organization, format, ease of use, etc.).
    • Select the most appropriate sources for their particular learning needs, questions.
    • Students need to critically evaluate whether or not a resource meets their learning needs.
    • As students skim, scan the information, they need to consider their questions and the assessment rubric (to determine whether or not the content is relevant and whether it will be useful in their knowledge construction and the creation of a required product...).
    • Students will also need to determine whether the information they are selecting is closer to fact or opinion, and to assess the credibility of sources (especially online) which express opinion.

    To view samples of learning strategies/cognitive organizers for students, click on Learning Strategies. You may wish to download/print these strategies, and adapt them for your students!

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