The Information Process
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    Creating New Information Stage (by the end of Grade 3)

    Some information processing activities may not go beyond this organizing stage. Students may simply share the information they have gathered and organized. At other times, the anticipated product would have been decided upon at the planning stage. Written products require students to develop sentences and paragraphs... from their recorded notes. With demonstrations and practice, students gradually develop the ability to synthesize data from several sources to create new information, or build new knowledge and understanding.

    It should be emphasized that the written product is not the only end product of the information process. The process can result in a variety of other kinds of representations, such as posters, murals, models, dramatizations, drawings, graphs, and oral presentations. Students can also create products using newer technologies, such as word processing and simple computer presentations or even web page creation (with assistance... e.g. having their work scanned by teachers or older students.) They can also, with assistance, create collaborative products on-line with other students in (their own or in) other classrooms or schools.

    Conferencing is vital at this stage of the process. When intervention is required, teachers and teacher-librarians can work with individuals or small groups. For example, some students may not have recorded enough information; others may have difficulty combining their information into sentences; still others may need assistance with editing or illustrating.

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