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    Assessment and Evaluation Stage (by the end of Grade 6)

    Students should reflect on the skills and learning strategies they are using throughout the activity. They should begin to assess their own learning processes and plan for changing and improving these in future information processing activities.

    Teachers and library professionals can help students with evaluation by:

    • providing time and encouragement for reflection and metacognition to occur (e.g., "What did we/you learn about gathering information?" OR "Did the end product meet the requirements of the assigned task?" OR "What did I really learn about this topic or problem? Do I feel that my work will make a difference?")
    • creating a climate of trust for self-assessment and peer assessment of process and products (Students tend to be realistic, and have high expectations for their own work)
    • asking questions, making observations, and guiding discussions throughout the process by conferencing, tracking (e.g., tracking at checkpoints for completed skills at key stages, making anecdotal comments about such things as demonstrated ability to organize notes)
    • involving students in creating portfolios, which contain samples of students' use of skills, strategies, as well as their products, as evidence of developing information literacy
    • involving students in using e-mail links in Internet projects for responding, commenting, or suggesting revisions to other students' work
    • helping students learn to assess and evaluate their own products by using checklists or rubrics that contain criteria of what should be included in the product

    To view samples of learning strategies/cognitive organizers for students, click on Learning Strategies. You may wish to download/print these strategies, and adapt them for your students!

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