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    Barbara Reid Illustrator Study

    • Grade 1
    • Language Arts
    St. Peter's Consolidated School
    St. Peter's, PE, C0A 2A0
    Telephone: 961-7275
    Fax: 961-7277

    Eileen Higginbotham, Teacher-Librarian (

    Implementation Plan

    Teacher's Role

    The teacher's role in this unit is to work with the students and the T-L in the library during group work and outside the library in the class to support the learning involved in this unit.

    Teacher-Librarian's Role

    It is the T-L's role to collect the necessary resources for the unit. She/he will also prepare any charts required and will be responsible for the direct instruction. Grading of the project can be done individually by either party or jointly.

    Schedule for Activities and Time Frame - One hour daily for five days

    Step 1

    Day One: The classroom teacher will bring the class down to the library and the T-L will explain that the students are going to be studying author/illustrator Barbara Reid. The T-L will verbally outline the week for the students so they know what to expect. The T-L should have a chart prepared with two columns. One side will say What We Know and the other will say What We Would Ask/Like To Know. The T-L will then show the video about Barbara Reid as an introduction. The T-L can follow up by reading some informational literature to the students about Barbara Reid. The chart would be filled in after this. The T-L would then read one or two selections (Gifts and Effie) to the students. The T-L would have a chart ready about the parts of the book he/she would like to study with the children. My chart has title, author, illustrator, publisher, copyright date, spine label, type of book/genre, and style of illustration. Fill in the chart with the students and make one entry for each book you read that day.

    Step 2

    Day Two: Revisit the first chart and see if the students want to add any new information that they have learned or if they have any new questions or areas of interest. Talk about Kim Fernandes (another Canadian plasticine illustrator) and show her books. Discuss how these may be related. How are these illustrators the same? Different? Read Jenny Greenteeth and have the students note the illustration type. Do the chart about the parts of the book and fill in the information for this book. Introduce the illustrator study booklet at this point. Do page one of the booklet with the students. It would be helpful to have a chart paper prepared that replicated the first page of the booklet. If you still have time, read another selection (Have You Seen Birds?)

    Step 3

    Day Three: Start the day with reading a selection. If you did not get to Have You Seen Birds? you may want to do that one. You may also want to read The New Baby Calf today. You may want to fill in parts of the book chart as well. Then show the Zoe series and talk about the genre of picture books and series books. Read Mother Goose and talk about non-fiction books. You should fill in the chart for these books. Show the other non-fiction titles by Barbara Reid. Finish page one of the booklet if it is not done and do page two of the booklet with the students. Again, it would be helpful to have a chart paper replication of this page ready.

    Step 4

    Day Four: It is a good time to re-visit the know/ask chart to see what students would like to add at this point. Use The Party to talk in depth today about additional parts of a book. I have chosen to talk about front and back covers, title and locations, author and locations, illustrator and locations, awards, spine label, cover page information, copyright information, and dedications. Read The Party and Two by Two and do the parts chart. Do page three of the booklet with the students. Give them time to finish pages one and two with a partner or in small groups if they have not finished yet.

    Step 5

    Day Five: Read any other selections that you wish. Do page four of the booklet with the students. Finish the booklet and color anything that needs to/could be coloured. As students finish, they can select book titles and sit in the library resource center to enjoy reading, discussing, sharing, or celebrating all they have learned. The resources should then go up to the classroom for a couple of weeks for the students to enjoy.

    Evaluation: Assessment of Students, Evaluation of Activity and Author Study

    Evaluation can be done in a variety of ways and this is best left up to the teachers involved. We will be evaluating based on participation and booklet work.

    Accompanying Documents
    (Adobe Acrobat [.pdf] Format)

  • Barbara Reid Booklet

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