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    • Grade 6
    • Language Arts Off the Page
    Greenfield Elementary School
    100 Darby Drive, Summerside, PE, C1N 4V8
    Telephone: 888-8492
    Fax: 888-8494

    Ruth Sudsbury, Grade 6 Teacher (
    Gail Finniss, Teacher Librarian (
    Richard Baker, Elementary Information Technology Consultant (
    Jeannette Scott, Elementary Language Arts Consultant (

    Implementation Plan

    Teacher's Role

    The classroom teacher met with Jeanette Scott, Language Arts Consultant, to brainstorm ideas and plan activities for this theme. Materials were gathered and evaluated to support the project.

    Richard Baker, Elementary Information Technology Consultant, instructed students on how to capture images from the Internet and create a slide-show presentation.

    Teacher-Librarian's Role

    The teacher librarian gathered materials in our own library - including books, CD-ROMs, and web sites - and also instructed and guided students throughout the information process.

    Schedule for Activities and Time Frame - 4 weeks - approx.1 hour per day

    Step 1

    Brainstorm with students to check their prior knowledge on the topic. Carl MacLeod presented his paintings.

    Step 2

    Students were divided into 6 groups and each was assigned an artist to research. The research process was reviewed and groups were given suggested headings.

    Step 3

    Using various forms of resources, each group gathered information on their assigned artist.

    Step 4

    Working cooperatively, each group had to evaluate their information and decide what was valuable for their presentation.

    Step 5

    Information was presented in the form of a slide show.

    Evaluation: Assessment of Students, Evaluation of Activity.

    An on-going observation and evaluation during the various stages of this project was carried out by the teacher.

    Peer evaluation was happening within the groups.

    This activity was a great success. The involvement and enthusiasm of the students resulted in top quality presentations.

    View this website for an example of a student's finished work.

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