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    CanLit Research Project

    • Grade 11
    • Language Arts
    Bluefield High School
    North Wiltshire RR #2, Hampshire, PE, C0A 1Y0
    Telephone: 675-7480/368-6869
    Fax: 675-7482

    Margaret Stewart, Teacher-Librarian (
    Julie Gaudet, English 521 Teacher (

    Implementation Plan

    Teacher's Role

    The assignment is distributed and the process is introduced by the teacher. The Bluebook is introduced with specific parts assigned for reading. The students are guided through the book.

    Teacher-Librarian's Role

    The research process is revised and implemented in collaboration with the classroom teacher. A list of authors (based on resources available) is developed.

    The use of the Bluebook and emphasis on the skills/strategies within the framework of the process is emphasized by the TL (reinforcing the classroom teacher's work throughout the project!) For example, the TL will: model note-taking strategies; explain reasons for citations, documenting sources, etc.; expect that plagiarism will be avoided (and teach strategies to overcome this!)

    Schedule for Activities and Time Frame -

    Step 1

    Viewing part of video series ("Using Your Library to Write a Research Paper") on writing research papers (half class). Half the class will concurrently work with the TL in the library (accessing resources, beginning note-taking).

    Step 2

    Reverse procedure; the other half of the class will access resource, begin note-taking in the library (while the other half views the video in the classroom). Half the class will visit the library to read, make notes, record sources for their papers during the next two days. By day four the students should be ready to begin the process of writing their papers; this is again facilitated (using the Bluebook) by both the classroom teacher and the Teacher-Librarian.

    Evaluation: Assessment of Students, Evaluation of Activity and Author Study

    Students are expected to pass in their note cards. They are also expected to submit their bibliography cards, outlines and final versions of their bibliographies for teacher evaluation. Marks are assigned for each of these.

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