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    Exploring Heritage

    • Grade 5
    • Language Arts
    Glen Stewart Elementary School
    P.O. Box 6500, Stratford, PE, C1A 8B5
    Telephone: 569-0550
    Fax: 569-0564

    Donna MacLeod, Grade 5 teacher
    Meredith MacKeen, Teacher Librarian (

    Implementation Plan

    Teacher's Role

    The teacher's role is to introduce students to the theme "Exploring Heritage" and to choose a focus from the options provided within the Teacher's Resource Module for "Exploring Heritage.

    Teacher-Librarian's Role

    The Teacher- Librarian in conjunction with the classroom teacher will develop learning stations focusing on our Canadian Heritage. Together the two will create a system of evaluating both the process and the product.

    Schedule for Activities and Time Frame - (3 weeks

    Step 1

    Meeting of the grade 5 teachers working on the theme Exploring Heritage. Decision about nature of and purpose for learning stations.

    Step 2

    Creation of learning stations and review of their ability to meet the learning criteria of the subject teacher.

    Step 3

    Presentation of the learning stations concept to the students and booking of library time to accommodate the research

    Step 4

    Students research in library and focus on developing independent learning skills.

    Step 5

    Students share their findings and personal observations

    Evaluation: Assessment of Students, Evaluation of Activity and Author Study

    Students write their observations of their own learning process at the end of their project. Parents comment on their children's product and both the subject teacher and the teacher librarian make an evaluation of the process and product.

    The teacher librarian and classroom teacher make notes about the learning centres and propose improvements for the next time that the resource based learning unit is used.

    Accompanying Documents
    (Adobe Acrobat [.pdf] Format)

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