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    Exploring Heritage

    • Grade 5
    • Language Arts
    Glen Stewart Elementary School
    P.O. Box 6500, Stratford, PE, C1A 8B5
    Telephone: 569-0550
    Fax: 569-0564

    Donna MacLeod, Grade 5 teacher
    Meredith MacKeen, Teacher Librarian (

    Project Outline

    Accompanying Documents
    (Adobe Acrobat [.pdf] Format)

  • Heritage Stations

    (Curriculum Context - Background Information)

    "Exploring Heritage",theme in the Collections program for grade 5, compliments the Heritage Fair held annually in this province. Students have an opportunity to seek members of their community who are willing to talk about the immigrant experience and to gain a sense of their own heritage. Also they can learn about these experiences from what has been written into books. All will learn about a variety of ethnic groups that are part of the Canadian mosaic.

    General Goals
    (Why are we doing this?)

    to promote independent learning for grade 5 students

    to stimulate multiple intelligences involved in appreciating the variety of components that make up a heritage

    to introduce students to a variety of resources found in the school library

    to encourage students to work cooperatively, teaching each other and sharing their skills

    Student Learning Outcomes
    (Knowledge, Skills, Strategies and Attitudes from the Atlantic [APEF] Curriculum)

    Learning Resources Required
    (Print, non-print, audio-visual, electronic, community)

    Print - Books About Exploring Heritage

    • Raven: a trickster Tale from the Pacific Northwest, McDermott, Gerald, Harcourt
    • Bones in the Basket: Native stories on the Origin of People, Taylor, C.J., Tundra
    • Tikkatoo's Journey, Loverseed, Amanda, Bedrick/Blaclie
    • Children: Just like Me: A unique celebration of children around the world, kindersley, Barnabes and Anabel, Fenn
    • Ring around the Moon, Edith Fowke, McClelland
    • If you could wear my sneakers, Fitch, Sheree, Doubleday
    • Ttoday's Memory...Tomorrow's Dream, Molnar, Cathy Ann, Canadian Lebanese Association
    • Struggle and Hope: the Story of Chinese Canadians, Paul Yee, Umbrella
    • Black Islanders, Hornby, Jim, Prince Edward Island's Black Historical Community
    • Grandfather's Journey, Say, Allen, Houghton


    • Canadian Encyclopedia Plus, Multimedia M&S (Compact disc)

    Electronic - Websites

    Community Resources

    • Grandparents and family friends with stories to share about the past
    • Interviews with family members and friends who are willing to share recipes of an ethnic group and to play suitable music.

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