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    Mystery & Wonder

    • Grade 7
    • Language Arts
    Vernon River Consolidated School
    RR #2, Vernon Bridge, Vernon River, PE, C0A 2E0
    Telephone: 651-8520
    Fax: 651-8516

    Marilyn MacLean, Teacher-Librarian (
    Mike Oulton, Vice-principal (

    Implementation Plan

    Teacher's Role

    The teacher and teacher-librarian will sit down together to determine which stations they want the students to complete. Together, they are responsible for adapting, changing, and/or developing other stations that will meet the needs of their learners. The teacher is also responsible for introducing the theme "Mystery & Wonder" in the classroom. Since students will be working with a partner in the library resource centre, the teacher will be responsible for dividing students into working groups based on their individual strengths and weaknesses. Once the project begins in the library, the teacher will act as a facilitator who assists students as needed and ensures that students are moving forward on the right track. The teacher will also be responsible for evaluating the students work in conjunction with the teacher-librarian.

    Teacher-Librarian's Role

    The teacher-librarian, together with the classroom teacher, will determine which learning stations best suit the particular group of learners. Together, they may change and/or develop additional stations to meet the needs of their students. The teacher-librarian will gather the resources and set up the learning stations in the school library resource centre. The teacher-librarian will be responsible for introducing the learning stations to the students. The teacher-librarian will assist students with the stations and review student progress on an on-going basis. The teacher-librarian and the teacher work together to evaluate students.

    Schedule for Activities and Time Frame - 10 classes of 40 minutes

    Step 1

    The classroom teacher introduces and begins the "Mystery and Wonder" theme in the classroom. The classroom teacher "whets the appetite" of students and peaks their curiousity about the mysteries and wonders of the world around them.

    Step 2

    Students receive an introduction to the activity and an overview of each of the learning stations. During this introductory session, students will also be informed on how they will be evaluated and the time frame they have to complete the stations.

    Step 3

    Students come out to the library resource center for 10 classes of 40 minutes to work on their stations. The classroom teacher and the teacher-librarian carefully monitor student progress.

    Step 4

    Students participate in a celebration of learning event where they share a piece of work that they have created through the learning stations (biography, poster, newspaper article, interview, etc.).

    Step 5

    Students participate in a self-evaluation, as well as an evaluation of the project.

    Evaluation: Assessment of Students, Evaluation of Activity and Author Study

    Students will have an opportunity to evaluate themselves on how well they think they met the objectives and completed the assignment.

    Students will be evaluated by the teacher and teacher-librarian during the project based on their ability to follow directions, to work cooperatively, to use time wisely, as well as on the work they pass in on each of the stations.

    Using a group approach, the students will evaluate the learning stations. Each of the learning stations will be listed for the students to see, and as a group the teacher will ask the students to answer a series of questions to determine which ones should be kept, modified, dropped, etc. for future years.

    Accompanying Documents
    (Adobe Acrobat [.pdf] Format)

  • Learning Station #1
  • Learning Station #2
  • Learning Station #3
  • Learning Station #4
  • Learning Station #5
  • Learning Station #6
  • Learning Station #7
  • Learning Station #9
  • Learning Station #10

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