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    On With the Show

    • Grade 5
    • Language Arts
    Elm Street Elementary School
    256 Elm Street, Summerside, PE, C1N 3V5
    Telephone: 888-8490
    Fax: 888-8307

    Wendy Doucette, Teacher-Librarian (
    Jerry McAulay, Grade 5 Teacher (
    Carolyn Rowe-Turner, Grade 4/5 teacher (

    Implementation Plan

    Teacher's Role

    The two classroom teachers worked with the teacher librarian to develop this activity that could be integrated with the Language Arts theme, "On With the Show."

    Carolyn and Jerry applied for a half-day to do this and the team spent a morning initially brainstorming different ways we could use technology in our resource-based learning approach.

    Once we decided on the six activities (uses for technologies) it was necessary to evaluate the resources available, including school library materials.

    After examining the resources we had gathered, we divided the six activities. Each person took two activities (learning centres): Carolyn worked on the Emily Carr Centre (using the artist's website) and on the Claris Works Paint or Draw (to create a poster) as she had experience with art and drama; Jerry took the two activities dealing with "cut and paste" (using the "Famous Canadians" websites and "critiquing an artwork"; Wendy took the two database and spreadsheet activities.

    They met several times after this to plan and revise the activities. Once this process was finished it was necessary to schedule the two classes in the library and computer lab. There were 36 students in total and eighteen computers. The teachers paired their students for the learning centre activities (12 French Immersion and 24 English students).

    The music teacher was also consulted about the Orchestra Activity. She agreed to assist the students with discussion (in music class) about the parts of an orchestra and various groupings and types of orchestral instruments. This was a welcome opportunity for all teachers involved in this activity!

    Teacher-Librarian's Role

    In addition to setting up the initial planning meeting in the school library as well as follow-up meetings, Wendy collected appropriate resources and made the final preparations for the resource-based learning activities. This included writing instructions for students and photocopying activities to insure these were placed at various computers.

    The four activities, Critique, Cut and Paste, Database and Spreadsheet, were put on a disk and the file was distributed to all the students so that when they logged onto the network the file would be under their name. These activities were ready when the students arrived in the computer lab.

    The two World Wide Web activities were also prepared and the sites were bookmarked for students to access easily.

    Schedule for Activities and Time Frame - Eight one-hour sessions

    Step 1

    Each activity was designed to be finished in a one-hour session. Initially six (one-hour) sessions were scheduled in the computer lab but it was necessary to add two extra (one-hour) sessions for students who were either absent or needed extra time to complete the activities.

    Evaluation: Assessment of Students, Evaluation of Activity and Author Study

    An ongoing assessment was completed*. Observations were made and recorded, any problems or successes were noted, along with necessary comments.

    The students also completed an evaluation of the activities and they were evaluated according to how well they completed these on their own. Their activity sheets (products) were also evaluated as these were passed in to the teachers upon completion.

    The teachers were pleased with the unit; there are changes to be made before it is implemented again but overall it was quite successful.

    The following "Assessment Check Lists" (rubrics) were developed and used by the teachers and students at Elm Street School:

    - Social (Shares ideas; Shares computer; Works co-operatively with partner)

    - Canadian Entertainers (Cut and Paste activity; Sequencing)

    - Art Critique (Claris Work Write; Personal Interpretation; Expresses views in written form; Sentence structure)

    - Drama (Poster design; Creativity; Key information)

    - Emily Carr (Internet; Process information; Personal reflection)

    - Art Pieces-Database (Gather information; Organize information; Sort information)

    - Musical Instruments Spreadsheet (Gather information; Chart graph)

    Accompanying Documents
    (Adobe Acrobat [.pdf] Format)

  • Activity One: Entertainers
  • Activity Two: Art Critique
  • Activity Three: Drama
  • Activity Four: Artist
  • Activity Five: Art Work Database
  • Activity Six: Musical Instrument Spreadsheet

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