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    Tinkering With Technology

    • Grade One
    L.M. Montgomery Elementary School
    69 MacWilliams Road, Charlottetown, PE C1C 1L4
    Telephone: (902) 368-4150
    Fax: (902) 368-4155

    Karen Jollimore, Teacher-Librarian (
    Ann Campbell, Grade One Teacher
    Lori-Ann Carragher, Grade One Teacher
    Cheryl Walsh, Grade One Teacher

    Implementation Plan

    Teacher's Role

    Classroom teachers will introduce the theme of Tinkering with Technology to the students and attempt to familiarize them with a variety of technologies through various classroom activities. (One such activity may involve the lessons in the Tinkering with Technology unit developed for Journey On, the P.E.I. Technology Integration Document.) The teachers, in their classrooms, will help to remind students of the skills learned previously, which they will use at these stations, and they will help to teach new skills that the students are going to practice. The teachers will assist students in the Library Resource Centre, to read, view and write, as they interact with the various resources. Teachers may also take the resources from some of the stations to their classrooms, when additional time is needed, in order to complete the work. Teachers will also examine the technology booklets to check on the students progress.

    Teacher-Librarian's Role

    The Teacher-Librarian will prepare the booklets for the students, gather the resources, and set up the learning stations in the Library Resource Centre. She will also keep track of the students progress on a tracking sheet, which will identify which stations the students have completed. The booklets will be examined daily to see how well students are completing each station, and to determine if an additional mini lesson should be given, on a particular activity, or on the new skills introduced. The Teacher-Librarian, along with the classroom teacher, will assist students at the various learning stations, and will evaluate the booklets when completed, by writing a comment to the students on their behavior, work ethic and ability, or level of understanding.

    Schedule for Activities and Time Frame - Three weeks: Classes were booked into the library every day for at least one-half hour to three quarters of an hour, for approximately three weeks. This entire unit however, extends for approximately one week prior to, and one week after the students participate at the learning stations in the Library Resource Centre. This theme is taught in the month of April when grade one students are more capable of independently reading and writing well.

    Evaluation: Assessment of Students, Evaluation of Activity.

    Students were being monitored throughout this activity by both the Teacher-Librarian and the classroom teacher. Students received immediate feedback on their behavior and performance. Once the booklets are completed, the Teacher-Librarian will evaluate them, giving general comments on the appearance of the student's work, their work ethic and effort given, and the student's level of understanding and achievement.

    Accompanying Documents
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