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    To Shoot or Not to Shoot

    • Grade 9
    • Language Arts Graphic Arts/Commuications Technology
    Queen Charlotte Intermediate School
    150 North River Road, Charlottetown, PE, C1A 3L3
    Telephone: 368-6970
    Fax: 368-6983

    Linda Shaw-Packard, Graphic Arts/Language Arts (
    JoAnne Jay, Teacher-Librarian (

    Project Outline

    (Curriculum Context - Background Information)

    The students are asked to create a photo essay. This is accomplished in several stages. They begin by completing research and answering questions. This gives them an understanding of the differing elements that are used to create an eye catching picture. Once they have a basic understanding they then are challenged to find pictures which demonstrate those same elements. This is followed by the completion of a finished presentation.

    Another aspect of this particular project is the cultural and historical links. The students research into the elements of a picture gives them an understanding of the

    architecture features used on community buildings. As well, when the students are on their photo field trip they are visiting some historical and modern buildings and viewing them with "new eyes".

    General Goals
    (Why are we doing this?)

    To give them an understanding and appreciation of the different elements of a good eye catching picture.

    To give them an appreciation and understanding of local cultural and historical links.

    To develop an appreciation for various architectural features that Charlottetown is so famous for in its historical buildings.

    To increase pride and awareness of their community using historical research into local landmarks complimented by their own photography. To encourage the expression and presentation of new and innovative ideas.

    Student Learning Outcomes
    (Knowledge, Skills, Strategies and Attitudes from the Atlantic [APEF] Curriculum)

    Learning Resources Required
    (Print, non-print, audio-visual, electronic, community)

    Print - Books By To Shoot or Not to Shoot

    • Complete Guide to Photography, John Hedgecoe- copyright 1994

    Print - Articles By To Shoot or Not to Shoot

    • "Pamphlets on local landmarks,"

    Print - Books About To Shoot or Not to Shoot

    • Texts: on art of The Middle Ages and Gothic Architecture, ,


    • 35 mm Cameras, B&W film/ darkroom facilities, (Videocassette)

    Community Resources

    • Walking Photoshoot/Fieldtrip of the historical buildings being photographed. Tours of some buildings might include Province House, Beaconsfield, etc.

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