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    The Elements and Principles of Design

    • Grade 8
    • Language Arts Graphic Arts/Communications Technology
    Queen Charlotte Intermediate School
    150 North River Road, Charlottetown, PE, C1A 3L3
    Telephone: 368-6970
    Fax: 368-6983

    Linda Shaw-Packard, Graphic Arts/Language Arts (
    JoAnne Jay, Teacher-Librarian (

    Implementation Plan

    Teacher's Role

    To encourage/expose the students to the basic elements and principles of design which shape our environment and world.

    To provide information about Design Elements and Design Principles.

    Teacher-Librarian's Role

    To provide old periodicals and other reference materials to support and enhance the project.

    Schedule for Activities and Time Frame - 1 double period (90 minutes) for introduction, explanation of expectations of the actual project as well as the completed project.

    Step 1

    FIRST: Decide if you will do the project on your own or with a partner.

    SECOND: Find examples (Sports Illustrated, Canadian Living,

    House & Home, Sports, Better Homes & Gardens).

    Step 2

    THIRD: Cut and trim neatly - all pictures

    FOURTH: Cut pages for mounting.

    Step 3

    FIFTH: Mount - using watered down White glue - NOT a glue stick. (Neatly, cleanly and right to edges)

    SIXTH: Label example using NEAT lettering. You can use different styles &

    colours if you wish - Just be consistent on each page.

    You can be very creative here and can also use the computer for this. Check your spelling!( Errors cost money in the world of Graphic Arts and cost you marks! )

    Step 4

    SEVENTH: Do Table of Contents

    EIGHTH: Create covers - Front - Have Design

    - Title

    - Name/Names

    - Class

    - Date

    - For Class/Teacher

    -Back -Plain

    Step 5

    NINTH: Bind : Examples include

    - Hole punch & tie

    - Heavy duty stapler

    - 1/2" ring binder

    - duo tang (plastic sheet protectors)

    Be creative and use your imagination when binding, as long as it can be opened and viewed easily.

    TENTH: Do not forget definitions for each of the 7 ELEMENTS and 7 PRINCIPLES of DESIGN. PRINT (by hand or with the computer)- DO NOT WRITE. You can be creative with this as well.

    ELEVENTH: Pass in!

    TWELFTH: Bravo! You did it!

    Evaluation: Assessment of Students, Evaluation of Activity and Author Study

    This project can be started in class or after school and is to be worked on at home.

    Deadline - Give 1 month from introduction to due date.

    Missing deadline will result in an immediate loss of marks!(20% off).

    10% per day after this!!

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