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    Fathers of Confederation

    • Grade 8
    • Language Arts Social Studies
    Vernon River Consolidated School
    RR #2, Vernon Bridge, Vernon River, PE, C0A 2E0
    Telephone: 651-8520
    Fax: 651-8516

    Tracey Smith, Teacher-Librarian, Gr.8 Social Studies (

    Implementation Plan

    Teacher's Role

    The teacher must present the assignment within the context of Confederation as discussed in the classroom. In particular, the way it had the potential to create a country with the assistance of the Fathers who greatly supported the idea.

    To facilitate student learning the main rationale for Confederation, how Confederation would benefit each colony, as well as the personalities, backgrounds, and ideas of the various Fathers of Confederation.

    To be present and help facilitate the project.

    To help with the evaluation of the project.

    To assist in uploading their completed web pages to their school site.

    To review basic Internet navigation skills as well as sending email attachments.

    Teacher-Librarian's Role

    To select and evaluate resources for the teacher, especially those relating to Confederation. Resources could be in respect to a specific Father or a province he represented.

    To facilitate the use of technology.

    To be present and help facilitate the project.

    To help with the evaluation of the project.

    To select appropriate electronic, print, non-print, and community resources.

    To facilitate student learning in regards to research and writing skills.

    To facilitate students with oral presentation skills.

    Schedule for Activities and Time Frame - 3 weeks to complete 1 week to present.

    Step 1

    Introduce the assignment and go through the online webquest with the students.

    Step 2

    Research your Father and his province as it relates to Confederation.

    Organize this information in a WordPerfect document.

    Step 3

    Edit this information.

    Step 4

    Transfer this information into HTML using an HTML editor or Notepad.

    Email the completed HTML web pages to the teacher as an attachment.

    Step 5

    Have students present their web pages to the class using the Smartboard.

    Evaluation: Assessment of Students, Evaluation of Activity and Author Study

    Evaluation should follow the rubric, as listed in the webquest linked below, under the heading of Evaluation.

    Fathers of Confederation Webquest

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