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      Available Learning Stations/Projects
    • Bridges
      (Grade 4 Language Arts, Innovations in Science project)
      Author(s): Eileen Higginbotham, Isabel Lewis, Cathy Meade
    • Artists
      (Grade 6 Language Arts, Off the Page)
      Author(s): Ruth Sudsbury, Gail Finniss, Richard Baker, Jeanette Scott
    • Hunter in the Dark
      (Grade 9 Language Arts, English 300)
      Author(s): Carolyn Pendergast, Patricia Oulton
    • Flight Science
      (Grade 5 Science)
      Author(s): Eileen Higginbotham, Laureen Steadman, Louise Deagle
    • Mirror Images
      (Grade 10 Language Arts)
      Author(s): Pam Shaw, Elizabeth Jelley
    • Mystery & Wonder
      (Grade 7 Language Arts)
      Author(s): Marilyn MacLean, Mike Oulton
    • The Earth's Crust
      (Grade 8 Science, Face-Lifting A Planet)
      Author(s): Merilyn Mitchell, David Miles
    • A Seed Is A Promise
      (Grade 2 Language Arts)
      Author(s): Cara Matusiewicz, Judy Sirois, Betty Matheson, Carol Fitzpatrick
    • Vanishing Animals
      (Grade 3 Language Arts, Reflexions)
      (Grade 3 Science, Life Cycles Unit)
      Author(s): Charlene Matthews, Parker Grimmer
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