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Lyddie Novel Study


This novel study project about Lyddie, written by Katherine Paterson (Puffin, 1991), consisted of a 4-week book partners novel study unit.  It was a structured, yet independent four week reading assignment in which pairs of students read the same novel; completed a weekly assignment including vocabulary, comprehension, and literary appreciation activities.  Pairs of students were then placed in teams of four to create web pages, interactive puzzles, and other online activities to document and to showcase their work and knowledge.


Novel Study Reports
Grade 9-5 Language Arts web teams write about Lyddie.

Find-A-Word Puzzles
Find the challenging words in the wordsearch puzzles.

Lyddie & Child Rights Gallery
Did Lyddie have Rights in the 1800s?
An online gallery of student artwork.

Jigsaw Puzzles
Put the pieces together to see an image created by students.

Vocabulary Quizzes
Seven student-created, multiple-choice vocabulary development puzzles

Project Feedback
Read what others had to say about this fantastic project!

Online Resources
Check out some of the online sites with information relating to this project.

Teacher Guides
Objectives, materials, printable handout, a test/quiz, and more.

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While the story of Lyddie was set in the 1800s, there are still hundreds of millions of children who work in exploitative and hazardous situations worldwide.  Most of them work long hours in terrible conditions, without breaks or adequate food, in plantations, farms, and factories, in domestic service, and on the streets - for little or no money.  Many of these children do not go to school and do not have time to hang out with their friends or to play.  While, for the most part, children in our society engage in work that is beneficial to their development and help their families, harsh and exploitative labour deprives children of their right to grow up healthy and to receive an education.  If you are interested in learning more about this subject, please visit the "links" page. The novel Lyddie, by Katherine Paterson, is an excellent "Literature Connections" resource that may be used as a springboard into the issues of child rights and child labour.

Child Labour comic submitted by Mark

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