Lyddie Worthen:  Lyddie was born in 1830 and had lived in Vermont the first thirteen years of her life.  Lyddie described herself as, "plain as sod" (p42).  She had dark hair, and on the cover of the book she has dark eyes.  Lyddie did not have proper schooling so she used poor grammar and spelling in her writing.  She was a very hard worker and was very strong, like most farm girls were in the 1800s.  Lyddie was also a very determined individual, who cared for her siblings very much.  Lyddie Worthen was the primary character of this novel.

Triphena:  Triphena was the cook at Culter's Tavern.  She was, like Lyddie, not exceptionally beautiful. She was past middle-aged and, like Lyddie, was a hard worker.  Triphena was very impatient with Willie, the boy servant who was not a hard worker at all.  Lyddie and Triphena became good friends while Lyddie was working at the tavern.  Triphena was a secondary character in this novel.

Prudence Allen:  Prudence Allen was one of Lyddie's roommates and fellow worker at the Concord Corporation. She was little older than Lyddie so she was probably taller.  She had lighter complexion and had light coloured hair.  Prudence also had a bit of a serious face with a few freckles.  As far as personality went, Prudence appeared to be smart, fashionable, and from a richer family than Lyddie.  She was not particularly opinionated compared to Lyddie's other roommates, Amelia and Betsy.  Prudence Allen was a secondary character in this novel.

Diana Goss: Diana Goss may be considered as the rebel of all of Lyddie's friends.  She was a member of a group that sought better working conditions for the girls.  Diana was an activist, outspoken, strong-willed, and determined to make change.  She also engaged in activity and behavior that would have been considered politically incorrect or morally improper for young women in the 1800's.

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