"What's Fair?"
Poetry by students in Ms. Connell's 9-5 Language Arts class, Birchwood, 2004-2005



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Grade 9 students in Ms. Connell's Language Arts class complete a "What's Fair?" multi-source thematic unit each year. Students study, examine, explore, debate, and discuss topics related to the prevention and elimination of racism, discrimination, verbal abuse, and bullying within schools, our communities, and globally. Students complete numerous reading, writing, responding, and representing activities, and then they create web pages to share their work with the hope of educating and inspiring others to do their part to make our world a better place for all. Please click a title below to read a poem.


Promising Years by Davor

Why Me? by James

How Would You Feel by Emma-Lee

Racism by Alex

No Place by Chris

One Word by Rilla

Talk the Talk by Jordenn

Racism by Emily R.  

When I Was Young by Amy

The Effect by Maureen

Discrimination by Michael C.

Why Do They Do This? by Katie

Never Meant to Be by Kathleen

The Man I See by Sydney

Just Stop by Jillian

What You Don't Do by Andrew

An Issue by Emily L.

A Day in the Life by Megan

The Girl by Laura

Emiley (not finished)

Racism by Anthony

Michael W. (not finished)

Racism by Kaitlin

Shawn (not finished)

Bullying by Jennifer

Trent (not finished)

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