Respect can mean so many things,
Like being a friend or sharing swings.
It's things like being polite and sharing,
Like being kind and really caring.
It's words like thank you and like please,
It's using a tissue when you cough or sneeze.
It's talking to someone who's alone,
It's showing respect on the telephone.
In Bloomfield School we've a new project,
It's a seven letter word and it's called "RESPECT".
We're all involved and we all agree,
It will make our school a better place to be.
It's making decisions like no putt-downs,
It's a lot of smiles to replace our frowns.
It's treating each other like we all belong,
It's admitting our mistakes when we know we're wrong.
It's involving everyone in our games,
It's using people's proper names.
It's being kind everyday of the week.
It's being a good sport if your team is defeated,
It's treating others like you want to be treated.
It's not making fun if we see someone fail,
And it's sure not being a tattletale.
Respect is shown in many ways,
It isn't so hard and we know it pays.
If we really try then we'll soon see,
We're becoming the best that we can be.

Le Respect

A Bloomfield, c'est notre projet;
De faire preuve de respect;
On s'embarque, on est capable;
Tous ensemble, c'est formidable.

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