Staff - Bloomfield Elementary School



Grade 1A/2A                                Colleen Bourque/Donna Wood(2A)


Grade 1B                                      Rachel Noye


Grade 2B                                      Suzanne Cormier


Grade 2C                                      Corinne Kenny


Grade 3A/4A                                Sarah Platts-Smallman


Grade 3B                                      Maurice Poirier/Ron Lajeunesse


Grade 4B                                      Ron Lajeunesse/Kristen Moore


Grade 5B/6B                                Paul Muise/Claude Brisson/Donna Wood(5B)


Grade 6A                                     Gisèle Smallman/Renata Wigmore


Resource                                     Donna Wood/Gisèle Smallman/Claude Brisson


Core French                                Paul Muise


Music                                           Heidi Hardy


Physical Education                     Renata Wigmore


Guidance                                     Rory Herget


Principal                                      Maurice Poirier


Vice-Principal                              Kristen Moore


Secretary                                     Jennifer Gallant


Educational Assistants              Wanda Clark/Myrna Cooke/Brenda Deagle


French Monitor                           Betty Pitre


Kindergarten                               Darcie Wilkie/Tammy Jeffery


Custodians                                  Robert Ramsay/Joanne Dyment/

                                                     Delores Ramsay/Ruby Bulger


Bus Drivers                                 Donna Campbell/Loman Murphy/Warren Barlow

                                                     Earl Coughlin/Charlene Costain


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