School Crest Design and Mascot

The crest design on the front page was designed by Darren Gallant, a Grade 6 student in the 1977-78 school year.

The outer ring signifies the fifteen districts which make up Bloomfield Consolidated:

Bloomfield Corner Cape Wolfe Fortune Cove

Bloomfield Station Duvar Piusville

Brockton Forestview Roseville

Burton Glengarry Roxbury

Campbellton Mill River East St. Lawrence

The lettering P.S.T. in the three centre rings represents Parents, Students, and Teachers. The verses on the back cover were also composed by the pupils of Grades 4, 5 and 6 in the 1977-78 school year.

Our athletic teams are known as the Bloomfield Bulldogs. The creator of the bulldog design was Jamie Gallant in 1994-95.

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Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

We welcome you to Bloomfield Consolidated Elementary School. We hope that your reading of this handbook will help you to know us a little better. Education is very much a cooperative effort between parents, students and teachers and it is our wish to work with you as parents for the benefit of your child.

The information in this guide will tell you more about how our school operates, its goals, its philosophy and how we hope to give your child the best education we can offer. Our door is always open. We encourage parents to come in and visit the school at anytime. My colleagues and I hope that your child and you will have a successful time with us and look forward to working with you.

Jim MacIntyre


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Goals of Bloomfield Elementary

The major goal at Bloomfield Consolidated Elementary School is to provide for the growth of students in the following four categories:


At Bloomfield School we provide for this growth by:

1. demanding the highest academic level of success that each student is capable of achieving;

2. providing students with opportunities to participate in music, sports, drama, cultural activities, etc. thereby enhancing the four categories of student growth;

3. developing within students concepts of positive self-esteem and respect for all people and their property and thereby enhancing strength of character.

4. maintaining at all times the importance and value of each person as an individual thus allowing the student the opportunity to grow, think for him\herself and use his or her own initiative.

5. ensuring that our school provides a pleasant and cooperative atmosphere so that all students will enjoy the years they spend with us.

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The Curriculum

The subjects authorized for the elementary school by the P.E.I. Department of Education are Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Health, Art, Physical Education and Music. Bloomfield Elementary School is a dual-track school meaning that both the regular English program and the Early French Immersion programs are offered. In the regular English program, Core French is added to the above list of subjects at the Grade 4 level. Goals and objectives of the language arts and math curricula are available at the school for parents who wish to obtain a copy.

We endeavor to offer each child a broad and balanced range of educational experiences that are challenging, exciting and achievable. We want all our students to succeed at their own level and feel positive about their learning experiences at school.

Checking on Progress

In class, the teacher will assess your child's work throughout each semester. Parent-Teacher Interviews will be held in November and April. Parents are invited to contact teachers at any time concerning their child's progress.

What You Can Do

We welcome the involvement of parents in their child's learning and believe children achieve more if parents and teachers work in partnership.

The following suggestions indicate ways in which you can help:

1. Talk to your child about what they are doing at school.

2. Show an interest in what they do.

3. Introduce them to the Public Library and help them choose books from fiction as well as non-fiction shelves.

4. Encourage your child to read silently and orally at home.

5. Show by example and read to your child as much as you can. This is one of the best methods for teaching children how to read.

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Special Educational Needs

The classroom teachers cater for the full range of learning abilities within their classes. Sometimes, a child may have a special need that cannot be met within the normal work of the class. This could be a learning difficulty, an emotional or behavioral problem.

Whatever the problem or difficulty, we will involve you in discussions at the earliest opportunity. Just as importantly, if you are worried about any aspect of your child's progress, we would like you to make us aware of it by speaking to your child's classroom teacher.

Resource services are available at the school to help students with learning difficulties overcome these obstacles and better enable them to function independently in the classroom. In addition, the Western School Board Special Education Personnel may be called upon to assist in planning and devising special programs for these students.

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Guidance Counselor

Message to Parents, Guardians and Students:

It is my privilege to continue in the role as school counselor at Bloomfield Elementary, Ellerslie and O'Leary Elementary Schools. While my administrators are kept aware of the students I meet with individually, in small groups or through classroom presentations, referrals also come to me from teachers, parents/guardians and children themselves. I will keep in contact with parents and guardians of students who are followed over a period of time. My goal is to provide students with the skills needed to manage difficulties in their lives and in their relationships with others. Feel free to contact me for any matter related to a child's self image; relationship with peers and adults; school performance; adjustment to personal and family changes and loss; hygiene, diet, and general health status; and emotional, behavioral or other concerns. I come to O'leary on Mondays, to Bloomfield on Tuesdays and Ellerslie on Wednesdays. Thursday and Fridays are rotated fairly between all schools. I look forward to  working cooperatively so that all students have happy and successful school days.

Margaret Cain

School Counselor



Extra-Curricular Activities

A number of extra-curricular activities are available for students in the area of music, drama, physical education and computer technology. The exact nature of these activities may vary from year to year and involve children at lunch time and after school on a voluntary basis.


Work at home can enhance what is done in school. Bear in mind that time spent on homework varies with children's needs. The following suggestions may be useful:

1. Have a set time to do homework.

2. Arrange for a specific area with emphasis on privacy and convenience.

3. Select an area which is comfortable and quiet and have necessary materials available for completing the homework assignment.

4. Limit distractions such as television and telephone during the homework period.

5. Be willing to sit with your child to help read and complete other homework assignments.

6. Develop good organization habits to ensure that all books go home in the afternoon and return to school in the morning.

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The staff attempt to make the school community a stable, ordered and caring one. The children are encouraged and expected to be cooperative, to make sensible choices and to exercise self-control. Emphasis is placed on students' rights and the responsibilities that ensue. These rights and responsibilities become the constitution under which the rules and convention are generated.

Our rules are based on common sense and general consideration and concern for the welfare and safety of all children. Consequences to poor behavior will usually involve loss of some privileges such as play time. We believe discipline should be firm, fair and based on mutual respect. Parents will be informed if children persistently fail to co-operate in acceptable behavior.

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Rights and Responsibilities


It is my responsibility to arrive on time, to be prepared to work, to be ready to listen to instructions, to work quietly, to treat my teachers respectfully and when I have a question or concern, to ask politely.


It is my responsibility to listen courteously and attentively when others (students, teachers and bus drivers) are speaking, to speak politely and to tell the truth.


It is my responsibility to refrain from calling names, annoying other people or hurting their feelings and to be accepting of differences.


It is my responsibility to play safely, to follow the rules of the game, to walk in the halls at all times, to refrain from threatening, punching, kicking or physically harming others and to ask for help when needed.


It is my responsibility to respect others' right to privacy, their personal property and school property.


It is my responsibility to learn self-control. This means that I will strive to exercise my rights without denying the same rights to others. I will expect to be corrected when I do abuse the rights of others as they shall be corrected if my rights are abused.


It is my responsibility to protect my rights and the rights of others by exercising my full responsibilities in all circumstances.

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Books in our school library have been catalogued using Microcat. This means that students can find books under three references: 1) the title of the book, 2) the author of the book, 3) the subject matter of the book. All the filmstrips and cassettes in the school have been catalogued in the as well.

The school has approximately 8,000 English books and 1,000 French books available for students to borrow. Classes go to the library once every six days to borrow books and research information for projects.

We encourage students to use the library often and since we do not have a librarian, show responsibility in helping to keep it organized and neat. We do have an excellent supply of books, encyclopedias and dictionaries as well as a computer equipped with CD-Rom.

Speech and Language Pathology Services

The speech-language pathologist,  will assess students at the school on a referral basis. This is done upon obtaining parents' permission. Parents may also contact the therapist directly at the Community Hospital in O'Leary.

An initial assessment takes approximately 1 hour. Areas investigated include the following: articulation (pronunciation), language (grammar and understanding), voice (hoarseness) and fluency (stuttering). Following the completion of all assessments at the school, some students are selected for therapy. Those who are not seen for direct therapy may be given a home program, re-assessed the following year or discharged. Materials are assigned for regular home practice. Parents are kept informed of their child's progress. Occasionally, parents may be requested to attend therapy sessions with their child and are welcome to do so at any time.

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Public Health

All elementary schools on the Island receive regular visits from the Public Health Nurse. The nurse quickly becomes a familiar friend to students and is able to counsel and help them in healthy practices of living.

Part of the school program is to conduct vision and hearing screening tests designed to detect individual health problems. If a problem is discovered, the nurse then assists the parents in securing the proper medical care.

The nurse also works with teachers toward a healthy school environment, and assists in health curriculum and classes. In addition, rapid classroom inspections for control of Communicable Disease are done if necessary as well as follow-up care of children with health concerns.

School Lunch

Good nutrition is essential to the health and well being of children. It is important that they have a nutrition mid-morning snack and a well-balanced lunch. The following is available at the school canteen to supplement lunches:

Mondays - Greco Pizza

Tuesdays - Chicken Crunch

Thursdays - Shepard's Pie/Hot dogs

The following are offered everyday:

White Milk - 50¢     Chocolate Milk - 65¢     Yogurt Tubes - 50¢       

Home and School

You are most welcome to become a member of the Bloomfield Home and School Association. Information regarding meetings and activities of the Home and School is sent home via the school newsletter. In addition, parent members of the Home and School may be elected to the School Council.

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Credit Union Deposit Program

This is a program where students may open an account (or use an existing one) and bring money to be deposited every Tuesday. The school forwards this money to the Central Credit Union in O'Leary where it is deposited in the depositor's account. The objective of the project is to develop good money saving habits in children. Many of our students participate in this project over their entire six years at Bloomfield School.

School Newsletter

A school newsletter is sent home regularly with the oldest child in the family attending Bloomfield Elementary. It informs you of our activities and forthcoming events. Please read it carefully and keep it for reference.

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Lost and Found

Every year, a certain amount of clothing accumulates in our lost and found. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU write your child's name on all belongings (coats, sneakers, lunch boxes etc.).

This information contained in this booklet related to the 2005-2006 school year and is correct at the time of publication. It must not be assumed that there will be no changes either before the beginning of the school year or subsequently.

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