History of Schools in the Fort Augustus Area

Donagh Regional School opened it's doors on January 22, 2001. Construction began in May, 2000 on land donated by William and Bernadette Koughan of Donagh.

The original Fort Augustus School was located one half mile east of St. Patrick's Church. Each of the other surrounding districts had its own one-room style of school. These were located in Auburn, Donagh, Glenfinnan, Watervale, Tarantum, and Webster's Corner. This one-room style of education continued until 1953, when Reverend T.P. Butler, Pastor of St. Patrick's Church, initiated the concept of consolidation. After extensive consultation, Fort Augustus Consolidated was formed. This school was located on land donated by Patrick and Irene Duffy, John Webster, and Herb and Mary Dunn. Initially the school consisted of separate buildings; however, in 1955, a more modern four-classroom school was built to accommodate all (grades 1-10) under one roof.

In 1967, the school was again expanded to include six additional classrooms, library, film room and a spacious gymnasium. Students in the community received their grades 1-9 education in the facility until January 2001. 

In the mid seventies, the grade 9-12 students went to Charlottetown Rural High School, but later in the seventies, Grade 9 returned to Fort Augustus School.

In 1998, a new school priority list was established by the provincial government and Fort Augustus Consolidated was placed on the priority list. As a result in July, 1999, a planning committee of parents, teachers, and government officials began the process of planning the new school.

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