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Issued January 30, 2012:

February 22, 2011 - Coles Associates Ltd. have been engaged by the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal to complete investigations at Spring Park Elementary and Morell Consolidated. Investigation of the exterior building foundation, drainage, walls, windows and roof has been completed. Coles Associates Ltd. will provide an estimate of the cost for repairs and upgrades to address the water infiltration problems, as well as an upgrade of the ventilation system by February 21. The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal will then review the estimates and submit a report to the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development by early March. It is expected that the Eastern School District will receive direction by the end of March.

Viable Mould Sample Results - "receiving schools"

Issued February 18, 2011:

Reports on receiving schools:

Notes and information:
  • Memo from Chief Health Officer in support of recommendations.
  • Each report contains introduction / background, methodology, results, interpretation of results and conclusions and recommendations (if any).
    These reports are submitted based on industry standards for assisting in evaluating conditions for potential mould growth sites and not health effects.
  • Recommendations identified in any of these reports are currently being discussed at the District level.  A plan for implementation of recommendations is being devised and will be communicated to appropriate School Principals and their JOHS Committee Chairperson/s.
  • Please refer to the Health Canada Guidelines for any further information.

Viable Mould Sample Results - closed schools

Morell Consolidated School:

Spring Park Elementary School:

General Indoor Air Quality Reports
- "receiving schools"

Issued January 19, 2011:

January 19, 2011 news release - Air Quality Test Results Released for Schools Receiving Students from Spring Park and Morell Consolidated