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Checklist- An Indication of Progress Made in Trevlac in Preparation For September, 2019
(1) Do not begin preparations for September until year-end requirements have been completed, and the year-end data transfer (snapshot) has been sent to the board office.
(2) Make a backup of Trevlac which reflects the status of your year-end data when the snapshot transfer was done for the board office.

In preparation for September; 2019, our school has completed the following functions in Trevlac (please put a check in the box next to each item completed):
Exiting students changed to Archived status (records for students who are known to be leaving at the end of June, including grade 12 graduates and students transferring to the next highest school; as well as students who left during the school year and were changed to Alternate status)
New Students (students transferring in from feeder schools, or other students known to be registered to attend your school in September):
Records changed to show Active status
Grades updated
Home rooms updated
Home School field (Student Master/Identification) checked to ensure it shows your school code
Previous School Field Updated (except students new to the PEI Education System and Kindergartens)
All students have a provincial ID. Run the PEI Number Generator Utility in Trevlac (Refer to Trevlac Manual for more info on how this utility should be used.) to create unique provincial ID's for all Kindergarten and students new to the PEI Education system(usually from out of province).
This is key for Student Account Creation for the upcoming year. No Provincial ID in the students record results in NO account being created.

Current Students (students currently in your school who will continue there in September):
Grades updated
Home rooms updated
Regular scheduling of courses completed for senior high grades

Our school has not been able to begin preparations for September.

Form Completed By: First Name: Last Name:

Please submit this form prior to the end of the school year (June, 2019).