1.) A net force of 7.5 kN, west acts on a 1208 kg race car.
     At what rate will the car accelerate?     (a = 6.2 m/s2, west)  Solution

2.) A car, mass 1485 kg, travelling south at 116 km/h, slows to a stop in 10.25 seconds.
     What is the magnitude and direction of the net force that acted on the truck?
      (F = 4.67 kN, north) Solution

3.) Find the net force acting on a fridge if the applied forces are 378.4 N, west
     and 401.3 N, west while the force of friction is 67 N.     (FNet = 713 N, west)  Solution

4.) A large box moving across a floor at constant speed has two people moving it.
     One is pushing 236.1 N from behind while the other is pulling 89.3 N from the front.
     What is the force of friction?  (Ff = 325.4 N, opposite to the direction of motion) Solution

5.) Find the acceleration of a 20.0 kg curling stone if the applied force is 88.7 N, west
     and the force of friction is 29.73 N.    (a = 2.95 m/s2, west)  Solution

6.) A broken down car, mass 1418 kg, is accelerated at 1.65 m/s2, south when pulled by a tow truck.
     What is the force of friction if the tow truck exerts 2.63 kN, south on the car?
        (Ff = 0.29 kN, north)  Solution

7.) Find the weight (force of gravity) of an exactly thirty kilogram mass.  (Fg = 294 N, down) Sol

8.) A five kilogram mass lays on a floor. What force does the floor exert on the object?
    (FA = 49 N, upward)      Solution

9.) A person of mass 81 kg throws a 2.15 kg ball with a force of 20.8 N, west.
     Find the acceleration of both ball and person ignoring friction.
       ( aball = 9.67 m/s2, west ;     aman = 0.26 m/s2, east )       Solution

10.) A 55.0 kg woman climbs at a constant velocity up a rope.
     a) What force does the rope exert on the woman? ( FA = 539 N, upward )
     b) What force does the woman exert on the rope? ( FA = 539 N, downward )
     c) How would the answers to a) and b) change if she was descending?   Solution

11.) A 4850 kg helicopter accelerates downward at 1.58 m/s2.       Solution
       What force is exerted by the air on the propellers? ( FA = 39.9 kN, upward )

12.) A horizontal force of 26.3 N is necessary to push a 99 N wooden box across a tile floor
       at constant velocity. Find the coefficient of sliding friction between the two surfaces.
       ( μ = 0.27 )      Solution

13.) The coefficient of sliding friction between rubber tires and wet pavement is 0.65.
       The brakes are applied to a 1000 kg car traveling west and it skids to a stop.
       Find the force of friction the road exerts on the car. ( Ff = 6.3 kN, east )   Solution