The Cell

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Across Down
5. Small openings in the underside of the leaf which allow diffusion of some. 1. Process for moving water from the roots to leaves.
8. Process which occurs mainly in the palisade cells. 2. Organelle which contains chlorophyll.
10. Vessels which carry glucose and amino acids. 3. Organelle in the cell where respiration occurs.
11. Cells on either side of the stoma which control it's opening and closing. 4. The process of moving water from an area of high concentration to low concentration.
13. Transport which requires energy. 6. The middle layer of the leaf.
15. Contain the transport systems of the leaf. 7. Process which produces energy for the cell.
18. The layer which protects the cells of the leaf. 9. Produced when carbon dioxide and water combine with energy from the sun.
19. Contains the vascular bundles which branch throughout the leaf. 10. Cells where photosynthesis occur.
20. Green substance which can capture the energy from the sun. 12. Layer where water goes when it comes from the roots.
21. The process where materials move from an area of high concentration to low concentration. 14. Gas needed for photosynthesis.
24. Material which enters through the root hairs required for photosynthesis. 16. Waxy layer which covers the epidermis.
17. Vessels which transport water and minerals.
22. Material dissolved in a liquid.
23. Gas produced during photosynthesis.