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Network/Groupwise Account Application for Teachers
This form is to provide for the creation of teacher network and GroupWise accounts. The information provided in this form will be used to create the account. All fields must be completed or the account cannot be created. Please note: If this teacher has transfered from another school in the province, please indicate the original school so we can move the account as opposed to creating a new one.
Every effort will be made by the help desk to create these accounts as soon as possible but up to three days budgeted for the work to be completed. In the interim, if the new teacher requires access to the network, Usernet may be used to create a temporary account until the help desk can perform their work.
Network Application: GroupWise Application: Both:
First Name: Initial: Last Name:
Your names as you would like them to appear in the GroupWise Address Book
First Name: Initial: Last Name:
Job Title:
Site Phone Number:
Site Fax Number:
Has this person transferred from another school? (Check the box if yes).
Which school?
If this user currently has a GroupWise account, enter their email address: