This website is about the effects and damage that an earthquake can do to the earth. Earthquakes can damage many things on the earth the major ones that we will be covering will be homes, buildings, roads, bridges and plate damage. Earthqaukes also effect many things the things we will cover will be the effects on animals, deaths and how the earthqaukes can make other natural disasters. We will also tell about how you can prepare for the earthqaukes so if a eathquake happens to come to you then you will know what to do. We hope you enjoy our site.

Earthqaukes can cause other natural disasters such as Avalanches landslides mudslides and tsunami. Earthquakes effect the avalanches landslides and mudslides in the same way. The eathquakes do not create these disasters but they will make them worse the earth will rumble and move these objects down a mountain or hill. the tsnami is different though the earthquake can cause the tsunami. It causes it when the earth trembles and makes the water jump into a big wave. Earthqaukes cause many of these waves all the time

There are many buildings and homes damaged every year. Such as houses in anchorage Alaska they lay reacked and half buried after a large earthquack hit Alaska in 1964. The houses were destroyed like they were made out of toy blocks thats how strong earthqukes can get Now adays we just symply build houses and buildings out of stronger materials such as steel and reenforced concreate But the only problem is that the matierials are much more expenceive. They use steel frames or reenforced concreate frames to improve the strength of the structure. most of the structures built this way have been shaken until the bricks fall but haven't

How Earthquakes Effect Animals in Many Ways? Earthquakes can effect animals in many ways such as - A large object could fall on them - their homes get destroyed and they have no place to live - It can effect the food chain - etc. A Fact About Animals and Earthquakes! Did you know animals can sense earthquakes.A lot of people believe this and so dont many scientists in our world also. In Tapei ,Taiwan a dog named lucky lived after being buried for 18 days because of Taiwans earthquake.I guess his name describes him. Also in California just before an earthquake came in october 17th 1989 a fish in a high scool biology lab in California would flip on its side before some earthquakes.

Road And Bridge Damage
Earthquakes Can Cause Major Damage To Roads And Bridges. The cement onroads can crumble and bridges can collapse. If we could make them stronger we would not have to replace them after every earthquake. That would save us a lot of money. Every earthquake damage is done to the earths crust. The damage done to them is caused by the two plates that rub together.
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