The mysterious money pit is located off the coast of Nova Scotia on an Island named
Oak Island. The money pit is so far 150 feet deep, and a flood tunnel leads in to the pit
so that nobody would find the supposed treasure at the bottom of the pit.

There are different beliefs about how the money pit came to be. Some people believe
that the money pit holds the buried treasure of the infamus captian kidd. While others
believe that it was dug by the Brittish during the American war of Independence. This is a map of oak island, it displays where the pit is located and other locations.

The Money Pit was discovered in 1795 by a man named Daniel McInnis he wandered
on to the island just to explore it and he found a huge tree. This tree that he found had
a tackle box hanging off it and it had unusual scars on it from rope and chains.Daniel
knew that somebody had used this tree to attach themselves while they were digging
teasure. Later him and two friends returned and started the first quest for the treasure. Links:
The Quest For the Treasure