I will be talking about the water cycle and what it is. And the 4 steps of the water cycle. Precipitation, Evaporation, Condensation, and Transpiration.

That is what makes the water cycle.

Condensation is what forms clouds up in the sky.

The first thing you will see on my report is, why the water cycle is important. Than the 4 steps of the water cycle. Than about clouds and some different names for them, and how the water we drink gets cleaned. Than my conclusion. (What I learned about.)

Water Cycle

The water cycle helps us to get water to drink, fish to eat and different kinds of crops all over the world.

Water is a very important part of life. It is very healthy and we need water to live, because it is very healthy. Although, some water is very unhealthy and polluted, it can cause creatures or fish in lakes or oceans to die, because the water is so polluted.

Water doesn't have any smell or taste, and it covers over 3/4 of the earth.


STEP #1 EVAPORATION- is when water disappears from an ocean, lake, pond, stream, or even a water glass that you drink out of. That water disappears because of heat.

STEP #2 Condensation-After the water evaporates from the heat, it condensates. It is when water droplets mix together with tiny particles of dust from the atmosphere, and that's what forms clouds.

STEP #3 Precipitation- is when enough water pressures the cloud (filling the cloud up with water) to make it snow, rain, sleet, or hail.

STEP # 4 Transpiration- in which water evaporates from a solid, like a plant, tree, or the ground CLOUDS

When water droplets (condensation) form together with dust it becomes a cloud. Here are some definitions on clouds.

CIRRUS- means fluffy and curly.

STRATUS- means the clouds are layered.

CUMULUS- means bumpy, or piled on top of one another.

Here are some different names of clouds-






Did you ever wonder how the water from your toilet, or the dirty water that you do dishes with after it's already been used gets cleaned? Well here's how!

All of the water that we use goes through big water filters that are located in the ocean.

STEP # 1~ The water goes through the first part of the water filter. Chemicals are sprayed in the water.

STEP # 2~ The water gets pushed through a screen, to get rid of any small rocks or pebbles. After it gets through that screen the water gets swirled around.

STEP # 3~ It gets pushed through another screen and the water settles so it can separate from more small rocks, pebbles and any waste that is still there.

STEP # 4~ It goes through another screen and gets sprayed with more chemicals.

STEP # 5~ The water comes through our water taps so we can drink it. The water goes through filters, and that's how water gets cleaned.


Going through the websites, I learned many different things about the water cycle. I learned about the 4 different steps of the water cycle, and about different sorts of clouds, and how important the water cycle is. I thought this project was kind of neat because I learned a lot more about the water cycle, than I already knew! By Ashley Gallant
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