Game Based Internet Resources by Grade Level

Children Ages 5-7 and 8-10

Bad Guy Patrol Four interactive games for ages 5-7 and 8-10, all focused on internet safety.

Upper Elementary / Lower Junior High


For students in grades 6 - 9, we recommend the use of the resource, MISSING. This is a kit on Internet safety that is based on the true story of a Canadian youth. MISSING includes two interactive CD-ROMs that the students need to complete the six sections of the program. The program enlists the aid of the students in solving the Internet crime, while teaching them about Internet safety. As they proceed through each section, they pick up clues to advance to the next section. Keep in mind, this software is geared for adolescents, so the interactive games may be a challenge for adults!

Both the Western School Board and the Teachers' Resource Centre at St. Jean Elementary School in the Eastern School District have tubs of the software kits for loaning out to schools for short periods of time. Generally it takes about 6 weeks to complete the program, if you allow an hour or so a week. The kits also include a video and booklet for parents and teachers. The MISSING initiative is a joint venture of the Dept. of Education, RCMP and Home and School Associations.

Schools with Grade 7 & 8

Mirror Image
(Grade 7 students)
Mirror Image tells the story of two teenage girls lured by a man who claims to be a modeling agent. The accompanying teacher’s guide illustrates classroom discussions about the predator’s use of flattery and romance to lure teens. Identified in the Health Curriculum as a resource. Check with your Teacher-Librarian for a copy of this resource.
Air Dogs
(Grade 8 students)
Air Dogs is based on a 2003 police case in which a sports coach used his influence with teenagers to organize a cyber theft ring. The accompanying teachers’ guide shows classroom discussions of on-line fraud and cyber bullying. Identified in the new Health Curriculum as a resource. Check with your Teacher-Librarian for a copy of this resource.