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Media Smarts Digital Citizenship Resources

The PD resource Web Awareness Workshop Series includes six workshops that address cyberbullying, safety, online privacy and marketing, and information authentication. The self-directed tutorials in Flash and in HTML5 allow teachers to manage their own PD and the PowerPoint files with speaking notes and the workshop guides facilitate group PD sessions and workshops with parents.

Passport to the Internet for Grades 4 to 8 students includes five classroom modules that address cyberbullying, safety, online privacy and marketing, information authentication and managing online relationships.

Passport's companion resource for intermediate and high school students is the MyWorld program.

Since these resources are subscription based they are password protected. Login information for teachers and students have been sent to schools.

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Cyberbullying - Lesson Plans and Classroom Resources

Web Based Educational Games

Example Lesson Plans

Diversity and Media Toolkit (Grades 7-12)
The Diversity and Media Toolbox explores issues relating to stereotyping, bias, and hate in media, including on the Internet. The program, which includes professional development tutorials, lesson plans, and interactive student modules and background articles, is divided into two distinct but complementary topic areas: media portrayals of diversity and online hate. The Toolkit is made up of two resources: That's Not Me and Facing Online Hate. That's Not Me addresses media representation of ethnic and visible minorities, religion, Aboriginal people, LGBTQ and persons with disabilities and includes lesson plans for grades 7-12. Facing Online Hate resources explore how the Internet is used to spread and incite hate – and the ways that citizens of all ages can respond to this issue. It includes activities for grades 8-12.

Young Canadians in a Wired World, Phase III: Talking to Youth and Parents about Life Online

More Internet Safety Resources

The Privacy Commisioner of Canada has released three presentations aimed at students that address the issue of privacy and the internet. There is a presentation package for grades 4-6, one for grades 7-8 and another for grades 9-12. Each package consists of a 30 minute power point presentation, speaking notes for the teacher and tip sheets for parents. These resources are available in both French and English. The powerpoint presentations and speaker notes can be downloaded from the link below:

Presentation Packages for Parents and Teachers

Internet Safety Resources by the RCMP (formerly KIT 101)

Game Based Internet Resources By Grade Level

PREVNet - Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence - Information and resources on bullying.


Resources for Parents

Be Web Aware
For more ideas on how to build partnerships in your community to raise awareness about kids’ Internet use, check out Be Web Aware, our public education program on Internet safety.

e-Parenting Tutorial
Go on atour of the many different Web environments and activities that are popular with children and youth.

Family Online Rules - Tip Sheet

Keep your family safe and informed (Bell Aliant Resources)