Example Lesson Plans
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Media Smarts has a wealth of great lessons for all levels and all subjects relating to media and youth. Below are some direct links to a few examples. To search for more, go to Teacher Resources and use the search tools on the left to find a lesson for on a topic of your choice.

Introducing the Internet: Exploring the Internet - Lesson
(Grades 2-5) This lesson helps students in grades 2 to 5 understand how hyperlinks work and introduces them to basic Internet safety skills.

Introduction to Cyber Bullying : Avatars and Identity - Lesson (Grades 5-6) With the layering of identity through the use of nicknames and avatars and perceptions of anonymity, it is easy for young people to sometimes forget that real people – with real feelings – are at the heart of online conversations.

Online Marketing to Kids: Strategies and Techniques - Lesson (Grades 6-9) This lesson introduces students in grades 6 to 9 to the online marketing techniques used to target children on the Internet and helps them to understand the similarities and differences between traditional marketing methods and online advertising.

I heard it 'round the Internet: Sexual health education and authenticating online information
- Lesson (Grades 7-9) Students will consider the use of the Internet as a research tool and learn how to use search engines more effectively. They then apply these new found skills to investigating popular myths about sexuality and contraception. Finally, they consider three websites they have used in the course of their research and evaluate them as sources of information.

Privacy in the Information Age - Lesson - (Grades 11-12) This unit is designed to help students in grades 11 and 12 develop a critical awareness about privacy and the security of personal information.