Inspiration 6
1. a) Open Inspiration .

b) Close the tips box.

2. a) Go to File and then Diagram Properties

b) Decide

- colours

- line thickness
- shadow or not
- basic symbol

c) Decide your font and size then click OK.

3. (Note: Your main idea stays the same as the default until you change it).

a) Type in your main idea by double clicking on the words ‘main idea’, then delete before typing in your own main topic heading.

b) Highlight your main idea by dragging and holding your cursor to select the whole word.

c) Choose the Font, Size and Style you want for this main idea by going to Format/View.

4. a) Symbol palette

b) Using center arrow in symbol palette, scroll down to boxes. Choose box type by clicking on it once in the symbol palette.

5. Highlight your main idea by clicking once on it so that 8 little boxes/diamonds around it should show up. Click again on your chosen box type to change your main idea to that type of symbol.

6. a) Begin brainstorming by first of all clicking on your main idea box once so that the boxes/diamonds show around it.

b) Then use one of the buttons so your next idea will be directly linked to the main idea that is highlighted.

c) Notice that if no idea is highlighted, it will create a new idea box separate from the others which you can link later.

d) You can also click anywhere on the background and use one of the create buttons to make a box either directly below or diagonal from the where you clicked.

e)To add an idea to a box, click twice on it so the cursor shows up in a typing box.

f) You can link ideas by highlighting the tool. Highlight the box you want the link from. Click the link tool. Click on the highlighted box and then on the one you want it linked to. They will be linked.

g) To delete a box, highlight it by clicking on it once and then backspace.

h) To change links, click on one, then drag one end to where you want the link, noting that you have to connect with one of the little gray boxes to make it stay as a new link.

9. Once you have finished your initial brainstorming, you can change the boxes to symbols by scrolling through the palette, using right or left arrows to show next/previous symbols or by using the center arrow to show the list of symbol categories.

10. Switch to the mode to add notes or rearrange ideas quickly.

11. You can also change the look of your brainstorming by going to in the menu.

12. Save your work as you go.

Created by: Elizabeth Tumblin
Last Updated: July 22, 2003