Inspiration 7/7.5

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Adding linked symbols

Other features

1. a) Open Inspiration .

    b) Close the tips box.

Creating a template:

2. You can either use the factory settings provided, change symbol appearances as you go, or create a new template for your brainstorming. For this exercise, you will be creating your own template.

a) Go to utility in the menu bar.

Choose '. Click .

b) In the symbol defaults box that appears, choose the fill colour (click on the colour bar), line colour, fill pattern, line thickness and basic symbol shape, such as .

c) Click on , and choose your font, size, style, then click.

[Note: You can always just choose .] Click on .

d) Select your line defaults, such as thickness, colour, text justification, arrow direction and font. [Note: the changes are demonstrated in the window to assist in your choices.] Click on.

e) Select your note defaults, such as colour and font. Click on.

f) Select your outline defaults. Click on .

g) Select your printing defaults, such as diagram and outline layouts. Click on .

h) You will be prompted to save your template. Give your template a name, and save it in the appropriate folder. [Note: Once the template is saved, a new untitled document opens. The main idea is still in the original default, but any new ideas added will be in the form of the template settings. You have to manually change the main idea's shape/font/ style.]

3. To change a shape/style manually,

a) Click on the background of the shape so you can see the handles, or little boxes/diamonds. Choose a basic shape in the symbols palette. [Note: If the symbols palette is not open, go to and click on.]

b) Now click on the main idea to highlight it.

c) Go to 'Text' in your menu bar,

and change the text font, style, justification and colour, as desired.

d) Now go to 'Effect' in your menu bar

and choose your desired line thickness and colour, fill pattern and colour, and the background colour for your page.