Inspiration 7/7.5

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Creating a template

Other features

Adding linked symbols:

You are ready to begin your brainstorming/webbing/mind mapping/graphic organizer,.... There are several ways to add symbols. Two of the most common are using the ' tool and using the tool.

4. Using the tool:

a) Select by clicking on it until the corner boxes/handles show. Click in the center to highlight the text and type in your title.

b) Click on the background of the title to highlight it, then choose the 'create' button to add a new idea. [Note: You can either choose where you want the next idea to be created, by rolling over a point in the create tool, noting the highlighted point, or you can arrange the diagram later.]

c) Click on the text box to type in your next idea.

d) Repeat for subsequent ideas.

5. Using the tool:

[Note: This tool allows you to add a series of linked ideas in rapid successions, concentrating on getting your ideas down rather than creating the symbols one at a time!]

a) Select one of the symbols in your diagram, if one is not already selected.

b) Click on the button in the tool bar. [Note: The Rapidfire icon will appear in the selected symbol to show the tool is turned on.]

c) Type your next idea, and press Enter/Return.

d) Repeat with subsequent ideas, pressing return/enter after each idea. Click off the button when you are finished. Your ideas will automatically be linked to your selected symbol.

6. a) Sometimes you connect two ideas, and then change your mind about where they should be connected. Not a problem with this software! All you have to do is click on the line to select it [handles appear at the ends], and drag one end to its new location.

b) You may also wish to create a new link. Select the symbol that you want the link to come from, choose the tool, and then select the one you want to link to. Your link should appear.

7. You will also note a dotted line box appears when you highlight a line. This allows you to type some text in the connecting line. Example: