Animation - Stop Motion

Stop motion animation meets the following Communication and Information Technology (CIT) outcomes from within the Multimedia area.  A8.1, A8.2, A8.4, A8.5, B8.2 and B8.3.  These outcomes are at the "Awareness" and "Guided" levels starting in grade 6.


Why Use Animation Activities?  (.swf 1.6 mg)

Stop Motion Animator (.pdf) (.swf .9 mg)

Stop Motion Animator Download

Planning for Animation (.pdf) (.swf 2.38 mg)

Editing with Movie Maker XP (.pdf) (.swf .96 mg)


Sample Lesson Plans

Animating Scientific Concepts (.pdf)

Do You Have An Issue With That? (.pdf)

Ionic Bonding Example (.wmv)

Save the Rainforest (.wmv)


Tutorials From The Web

Movie Maker

Animation Examples

Resources - Clay Animator

Western School Board Claymation Resources

PWC Newfoundland - Grass Roots