Arc Explorer 9 - ArcExplorer Java Edition for Education (AEJEE)

(ArcExplorer is a Geographic Information System (gis) application for use in education.  The software is provided with sample GIS data and online GIS servers may be accessed from the Geography Network.  A DVD of local PEI gis data and associated GIS files for the social studies grades 10-12 lesson plans are available from the Senior High Technology Specialist - see "Talk to us" .. section above.)

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ESRI AEJEE Resources

ESRI Lesson Plans(choose AEJEE software in search)

ESRI Canada Education Newsletter


Why Teach with GIS?

GIS in Education - US Geological Society

Teaching With GIS- ESRI

GIS Careers - ESRI


What is GIS?

What is GIS?- Global Information System (ESRI Flash Presentation)

GIS- Global Information System (.swf slideshow)

GPS - Global Positioning System (.swf slideshow)

GPS - Greg MacKay, Sept 10, 2008 (.swf slideshow)

GPS Tutorial - Global Positioning System (Trimble Com)

Uses of GIS - Virtual Job Shadow

PEI GIS Data - PEI Government GIS Data

PEI Land Online (Agriculture Online GIS)

PEI Address Locator (Provincial Treasury Online GIS)


ArcExplorer (AEJEE) Lesson Plans (.pdf format)

Introduction to GIS

Viewing Map Projections Using GIS

Creating Maps Using AEJEE

Accessing Online Data Using AEJEE

AEJEE - Labelling and Classifying Features

Mapping Early PEI Settlements

Shape Files for "Labelling & Classifying Features" and "Mapping Early PEI Settlement" lesson plans. Use "WinZip" or "PKUnzip" to extract these files to a directory on your hard drive. Use the "Add Data" button in AEJEE to add the information to a layer in the AEJEE table of contents.

Community Shapefile (.zip format)

Watershed Shapefile (.zip format)

PEI Lots Shapefile (.zip format)


ArcExplorer (AEJEE) Learning Objects (.swf format)

(Demonstration of tools used in lesson plans from above)

Open File - From a Saved Project

Table of Contents - (TOC) Layer Display

Types of Layers - Raster, Point, Line, Polygon Shape Files

Moving Layers - Top Layers May Hide Lower Layers

Setting Layer Transparency - Allow Lower Layers to be Viewed Through Top Layers

Buffer Tool - Display Radius Distance From a Point

Find Tool - Locate Data From a Attribute Table

Identify Tool - Display Map Data From an Attribute Table

Map Tips Tool - Display Map Data as the Mouse is Moved

Measure Tool - Measure Distances

Zoom Tool - View Portions of a Larger Map

Projections - Change Map Projection

Accessing Geography Network Servers - Online Data

Geography Network Layers - Assemble Online Data and Save Project

Adding Layers From Local Data - Assemble Local Data and Save Project

Adding Text to a Map - Using the Text Tool

Labelling and Classifying Features - Displaying Data Based Upon Attribute Table Information

Query Builder Tool - Display Map Data Based Upon a Search Request