A Tutor Online Learning Content Management System

ATutor Upgraded (September, 2009)

http://atutor.gpei.ca (Linux Ver. 1.6.3)

ATutor Website (U of Toronto Project)

Explanation of tool purpose, setup, example activities, and pedagody are found within the ATutor workspace called "ATutor Demonstration and Training".  Self-register from the "PEI ATutor Server" link.  Log into the ATutor system and "Browse For Course". (locate the ATutor Demonstration and Training course and "Request Enrollment".  E-mail the technology specialist at your grade level to ask that your request for entry into this training workspace be processed. 

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Acceptable Use Policies - .pdf

Logging Into System - .pdf

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Resource Links for Online Pedagogy: (in progress)

Research the latest literature about online learning environments by visiting EBSCO Host (see your school librarian if you do not have the username and password).  Select "Research Databases" from within EBSCO.  "Eric" and "Professional Development Collection" would be good databases to search such terms as "best practices", "blended learning", "online learning environments", "discussion forums", "chat", "blog", "effective questioning", "facilitation" in various combinations.  Google searches will also produce many links to useful resources.

Discussion Forums

Role of the Online Facilitator

Tips For Instructors (U of Waterloo)

Crafting Questions For Online Discussions (Penn. State)

Motivating Students in Online Discussions (U of Calgary)