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  1. Are you familiar with your schools' Internet Acceptable Use Guidelines and policies? List 3 items referred to in this document. Briefly discuss the guideline points in small groups or as a class.
  2. From a technical point of view, why might organizations discourage the use of public online communication services?
  3. Why might parents and school officials object to the use of public online communication services within the school setting?
  4. What login and password do students use to access their Netmail account from outside school?
  5. You want to give a friend in British Columbia your Netmail e-mail address. What is this address?


  1. Why should the user always use the "exit button" from within Netmail rather than directly shutting down Internet Explorer or web surfing to a new location?
  2. Name five communication item types that may be produced from within Netmail. (You may access Help - Compose Items - About Item Types to find this information)


  1. Why should you be careful about the content of what you write in e-mail and other electronic media?
  2. Would you enable features found within "Send Options" when e-mailing to a home account where "Outlook Express" is the e-mail client?
  3. What happens if your Netmail mailbox storage space becomes completely full?
  4. What is the size of the largest attachment that can be sent from a student to a teacher using Netmail?
  5. Can a video file with an .avi extension be sent from one student to another without being filtered in Netmail?
  6. How might you determine that an e-mail contains an attachment before opening it?
  7. Explain the difference between "View" and "Open" when examining an attachment?
  8. Provide 3 examples or instances where a student might use "Rules" or "E-mail Filters".


  1. Describe how a users' name gets changed (added or deleted) in the main Netmail address book?
  2. Explain why a user would want to create his/her own address book?
  3. Explain the purpose for creating "groups" or "distribution lists" when using e-mail?


  1. What items appear in the calendar?
  2. Explain where a "delegated task" might be used?
  3. May "notes" be sent to other users?

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