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Address Book - Groups

Sometimes the information in an e-mail is to be sent to a large number of people whose membership remains constant for a period of time. A number of e-mail addresses can be added to a "group" or "distribution list" so that one email can be sent to all of the members of the group. NetMail does not have a Save Group feature, but there is still a way to create a group.  Although it is a little awkward, it can be done.

To create a group search for the e-mail addresses of each individual member of the group. 

Search the names of all people found in your row in the classroom or as directed by your teacher. Click the check box in front of each member you search out and click the To: button so that you begin to create a list as you see below. 

Once you have all of the members searched out and in your list click the "Compose" button.  All of the email addresses of the members of your group will appear in the To: field of the new message window.  Highlight these names and copy them (CTRL+C are the shortcut keys for the Copy function.)

Minimize the new message window so that you can go back to the main NetMail screen. Click on the Address Book  icon again.  

Follow the steps to adding a personal email address to the Personal Address book:   Click the "Create" button underneath the Personal: heading.  Click with your mouse inside the E-Mail Address box and paste the addresses you copied in here (CTRL+V are the shortcut keys for the Paste function).  In the First Name box, type a name for the group. Click "Ok" to save this group. 

Unfortunately, there is no way to edit a group once it is created.  You will have to delete it and recreate it with the proper email addresses. 

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