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Attaching Files

Key a short paragraph from your keyboarding text in WordPerfect (as directed by your teacher) and save it on the network G: drive as ex_attach.wpd

Select "Compose Message" from NetMail and address the message to the person on your left in the classroom. Key a short greeting in the message area and add a subject of "Attachment Test"

Select "Attach" from the menu at the right of the "compose message" window

Select "Browse" to find the file ex_attach.wpd on G: drive

Select "Add" once you have highlighted the file; it should appear in the "Attached Files" section as shown below along with its file size

Select "OK"

Notice the paper clip above and the file name of the attachment. If this doesn't appear on the e-mail then something went wrong when you were attaching the file.

Press the "Send" button; the attachment is automatically sent along with the e-mail

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