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An appointment may be scheduled with another NetMail user, or with yourself as a reminder of details for an important event. When an appointment is received it appears in the users mailbox along with regular mail messages.  Making an appointment is very similar to composing a mail message.

Appointments might be useful in the school setting for determining a time when the yearbook committee or student council can meet. Those receiving the appointment must "accept" or "decline" the appointment. Should too many people "decline" a particular date for a meeting then the sender of the appointment will know that it will need to be rescheduled for another day.

Another potential use for "appointments" would be for teachers to schedule dates for tests and major assignments for their classes. Appointments will appear on student calendars on the appropriate date, along with the time, location and "comments" that the teacher may supply. (The appointment will appear, automatically, in the calendar whether it has been "accepted" or not. Should the appointment be declined it will disappear).

Select "Compose Message" from the left toolbar and click on the "Appointment" button next to the Change to: label

Enter your own username. Use the address book to locate the address of the person on your left and add them to the appointment. Enter the room you are currently in as the "Location", set the date for tomorrow and the current time. You may use the default duration of 1 hour. The subject may be "ITC Project- Group Meeting - your name" and you may compose an original short message.

Send the appointment. (You will receive this appointment in your mailbox and it will be displayed in the calendar on the appropriate date)

Check tomorrow's date in the calendar. How many appointments appear at the time you selected?

Return to the mailbox and "open" the appointment that you have not yet received from the person on your right. Notice that "Pending" appears to signify that you not yet accepted or declined the appointment.

Accept the appointment. 

"Open" and "decline" the appointment that you had sent to the person on your left. 

Make three separate appointments (with yourself only) for each of the following: History Test, [next Tuesday]; Math Test, [a week from this Wednesday]; English Paper Due, [two weeks from Thursday]. (The particular assignment will be the subject line. Enter appropriate locations, time of day and optional messages for each.)

Accept each of the three appointments when they are received. Check the calendar to ensure that they are displayed for the correct date and time.


(Your teacher may ask to view the appointments created)
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