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Notes may be sent to yourself or others as reminders. Notes appear only on the date assigned and may be "Declined" or "Delegated" by the recipient. (Be aware that organizations have procedure manuals that specify the appropriate format to communicate information eg. e-mail, appointment, task, note or phone message)

Select "Compose Message" and "Note"

Address the note to yourself. Enter the date for a dance this month with "School Dance" as the subject. Send the Note.

Send a second note to yourself. Enter the date for a special holiday or occasion for this month (eg. Halloween, Remembrance Day, Victoria Day)

Send a third note to yourself with the Birthday date of someone occurring during this month

"Open" and "Accept" the notes as they appear in your mailbox. 

View these notes in the calendar (use "Month" view)

(Your teacher may ask to view the notes created)
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