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Tasks are assigned similar to composing e-mail and appointments. Tasks are received in the user's mailbox and will appear in the calendar (on the current date) from the "start" date until the "due" date or until the user selects "completed". 

Tasks may be sent to yourself only or to other NetMail users. A task that is received may be "Accepted", "Declined", "Delegated" or "Completed". 

Send a task to yourself with a subject "Organize first yearbook meeting" with a start date of [next Monday] and an end date of [next Thursday]. Send the task. "Open" and "Accept" the task when received in your mailbox.

Send a task to the person on your left with a subject "Please photocopy the poster to advertise the School Idol competition". Start date [today] and due date [tomorrow]. Send the task.

"Open" the task that you receive from the person on your right and "Delegate" it to the person on your left. Close the task leaving it "Unaccepted" and "Uncompleted". (Note that there is no indication that you had delegated this task. 

"Open" and "Accept" the delegated task that you receive. Close the task.

View the tasks in the calendar for the dates selected above. (Use "Week" or "Month" view.) 

(Your teacher may ask to view the tasks created)
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