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Mail Filters (Rules)

Setting rules will allow NetMail to filter mail messages based on predetermined criteria and apply an action based on a match of that criteria. 

Access "Options" from the top toolbar

E-mail that meet certain conditions may be automatically deleted. If you are receiving unwanted e-mail from a particular person or organization a rule may be set that will automatically delete these messages and keep them from appearing in your mailbox window.

Select "Options" - "Rules" - 

Click Create New Rule.  Select "Any" from the first list box, "From" from the second, "Contains" from the third list box and then enter the e-mail address of the person on your left in the text box at the right. **Note: The way that our particular NetMail system has been configured will require that the persons' name be used rather than their e-mail address eg. will need to be entered as Jane Doe (Jane Doe would be shown in the FROM: section of the original e-mail that was received)

Save this rule. Have the person on your left send you an e-mail. This e-mail should not appear in your mailbox. 

The rule may be  "Deleted" under the "Options" - "Rules" menu. Delete the rule by clicking on the red X beneath the word Delete. 


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