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Managing Received E-mail

If you followed the "Sending a Message" section of this site you should have two messages is your mailbox - a carbon copy of a message from the person on your left in your classroom and an original e-mail from the person on your right.

Open an item by clicking on its subject line.

There are several options available to the user in the "open mail" window.  

These options appear in the toolbar seen above.  From left to right:  Close - will close the e-mail; Next - will display the next e-mail message in the mailbox; Previous - will display the previous email message in the mailbox; Forward - will package the original message and allow the user to enter a new recipient e-mail address; Reply to Sender - will provide a screen that has the address of the sender and original email message. The user is able to key a new message above the original message; Reply All - same as previous except people who received carbon copies and blind carbon copies will be sent replies; Move - will display the cabinet with the subfolders and allow the user to click which folder where the e-mail will be stored. It will disappear from the "mailbox" area; Delete - will delete the message; Message Options (see below) and Print - prints the message

Message Options - enables the following options (see picture below, the buttons circles in yellow are the Message Options buttons. They are from left to right:  Read Later; View Source; Set Message Private; Set Message Priority to Low; Set Message Priority to Normal; Set Message Priority to High.



Key a reply to the e-mail that was sent directly to you (not the one where you are listed as .CC) and "mail" it.

After you have replied to the e-mail delete it.

If the mailbox appears to still contain the message press and the message will be deleted for good. 


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